• Outsourcing, Logistics And Distribution

  Intelligent Logistics provide an irreplaceable commercial weapon



We are aware of the level of competitiveness demanded of companies today and we, at HNOS. LAREDO, have continued to increase and improve the Logistical Services we offer. That is why we can offer quality-service-price parameters that are highly satisfactory for our customers.

Management of raw materials and finished products, storage on compact and conventional shelving, goods classification and the use of RF terminals are everyday tools for us.


Outsourcing processes on our customers’ premises leaves management of these services in the expert hands of HNOS. LAREDO and allows companies to focus their efforts on their core activities, whilst offering significant competitive advantages and a major increase in quality.

We can offer you efficient and totally flexible Logistics, covering a wide range of services from goods transport and distribution to the provision of advanced services such as:

· Storage
· Goods packaging
· Palletizing
· Stock management
· Labeling
· Returns
· Integral logistics




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